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How Can It Help My Business!

Responsive Web Design is a method of designing and coding a website so it is accessable and displays correctly across all mobile devices from mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers. Responsive websites are designed to view and navigate information within a webpage on all screen sizes reducing the amount of scrolling and images needed on mobile devices due to the smaller size.

Responsive websites are now mostly designed through a technique called mobile first. This means that the first display of the website that is designed and coded is aimed at smaller mobile screen sizes. Using intelligent coding more structure is added as the screen is enlarged enabling more features, images and functionality to be displayed. The benefit of a mobile first approach is that the bare minimum of code is loaded when the page is rendered which in turn increases the loading speed.

A well designed mobile responsive website will fit all screen sizes it is viewed on without any distortion and offer a fantastic uer experience whether it is viewed on a large of small screen.

Now that is out of the way, how can a responsive website help your business.

Mobile vs Desktop

Everywhere you look now you see someone on a mobile phone. Today mobiles are more than just sending a text message it is a social and work life line. Whether you like the fact that mobile usage is on the increase or not it is here to stay.

With internet access improving day by day, you want your customers to be able to see your company online and interact with your business whether you sell products or services or if it is just to get your company phone number, a website now needs to be adaptable across all mobile devices. If your website is not mobile responsove chances are customers will not spend the time to trying to make it work on their mobile phone.

With 33% of internet users in the UK seeing their mobiles as the most important device for going online, business can't afford to miss this market segment by not having a mobile responsive website.

One website, One URL

One of the major benefits of having a mobile responsive website is the fact that it is "1 website, 1 URL". This means that it strengthens your search engine ranking and availability across the internet, also if a customer visits your website on a mobile device it is just as easy for them to find you on a desktop as it uses the same URL, and if the site is responsive this enrichens the user experience.

Google Approved

Recently Google announced that having a mobile responsive website will improve your search engine rankings, and everybody wants to be at the top of Google. The reason google will rank your website higher if it is mobile responsive is due to a few factors;

  • Easier for Google to crawl website content under one url

  • Is a better user experience if the website adapts to the screen it is being viewed on, which in turn decreases the website bounce rate as a happy vistor will stay on your website

  • Quicker loading speed as images and unnecessary content isnt loaded

Improved SEO

Your search engine rankings will instantly be improved if your website is responsive due to all content being under one URL. So instead of having seperate websites for mobile and desktop everything is under one roof. By adopting this approach it is easier to optimise your website and manage your content which builds your websites authority.

Increased company sales

Nowadays people are always on the go and with mobile internet usage ever increasing it is imperative that your customers can access your websites products and services on the go. Without a mobile friendly website any customer who wants to purchase or inetract with your online shop front will either go else where or have to wait until they can access on a desktop device, this will lead to less conversions and a loss in sales.

Save Money & Time

One of the huge benefits of having one mobile responsive website is that it makes it far easier to maintain content and takes less time to manage. Due to the website being compatiable across all devices there is no need for multiple websites for different devices which reduces and development and support costs.


Mobile friendly / responsive websites may seem like a buzz word, but in reality without a properly optimised site you run the risk of losing customers and company sales. Every company wants their customers to have the best user experience and increase sales and by having a mobile friendly website you are safe in the knowledge that you can be accessed anywhere and any place.

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